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Maine Startup Map - Creator / Writer


Startup Map - Creator / UX Writer

The startup community in Maine was struggling to understand their reach and impact. I conducted a massive survey gathering a full list of startups by category. This included how they raised funds and the velocity and strategy for growth.

I also began gathering a list of resources in Maine, Boston and the Northeast that successful startups were using to build their organizations. This included everything from lawyers who specialize in startups to office space and evangelists of the community. Originally, I was created this list as a helpful tool for our clients. But as the list grew, I knew there would be value in sharing with the Maine business community. 

During a Lunch & Learn presentation with coworkers at Big Room Studios - a group of developers were inspired by the project and offered their support to create an interactive version of the data visualization I had created, that would include the list of resources in a mobile-friendly application. 

In 2 months of part-time work, our team created a fully functioning web and mobile app. It was released to the community at Startup Maine Weekend 2018 and has been a valuable resource ever since.